Our Services

We have a number of tools at our disposal to help meet your research and targeted marketing needs.

Market Research

Market Research: Knowledge to Drive Your Business

Let Babcox Research build your market knowledge and competitive advantage with insightful research solutions tailored to suit your needs. We offer a full spectrum of market research capabilities.

We can help you reach deep into your market sector to mine the valuable information your business needs to stay on the leading edge. We have access to 300,000-plus owners and managers in the following segments:

  • Automotive service
  • Distribution
  • Collision
  • Tire
  • Truck fleet
  • Engine building
  • Performance
  • Import

Our experienced research team specializes in:

  • Designing questionnaires
  • Conducting surveys
  • Creating databases
  • Calculating results
  • Preparing reports
  • Analyzing results

Driving Your Business

Market research is a great way to move your business forward. We’ll provide you with accurate, useful data that can help you forecast and prepare for emerging trends, understand your market position, evaluate customer opinions, increase customer loyalty or acquire new business.

Personalized Approach

We always take a personalized approach to your research needs, ensuring you’ll receive the maximum benefit from your investment. We provide e-mail, phone, fax and standard mail data collection capabilities and can help you select the most cost-effective, efficient and results-driven method to suit your needs.

Database Marketing

Database Marketing: Everything You Need to Target Your Audience

Babcox has the tools and information you need to quickly connect with your audience to deliver product information, special offers or any other important message you want to share.

Lists Made-to-Order

With complete contact information for over 300,000 owners and managers in the automotive service, distribution, collision, tire, truck fleet, engine building, performance and import markets, our database allows us to precisely and cost-effectively target those most likely to use your products or services.

Lists can be broken down by market segment, job title, geographic region, or even the number of technicians or service bays. Rather than cast a wide net, we’ll narrow the field so you can feel confident that the decision-makers you need to reach will receive your message.

Your Audience Is at Our Fingertips

Our BPA-audited, controlled-circulation subscriber lists are updated daily to ensure accuracy. Babcox is already speaking to your audience through our numerous print and online publications, and our experienced list sales staff wants to help you reach them, too.

A Medium for Your Message

Our helpful staff will assist you in choosing the medium that’s right for you and set your marketing plan on the right track. We can assist you in sharing your message via:

  • E-mail
  • Direct mail
  • Fax
  • Phone
  • Any combination thereof

Analysis and Interpretation

Analysis & Interpretation: More than Just Data

Babcox Research also can provide you with analysis and interpretation, transforming raw data into useful information. Beyond the research department, we have a team of journalists who are experts in the automotive aftermarket industries at our disposal to lend valuable insights into your market. With Babcox Research’s analytical expertise on your side, you can better understand the implications of your research results and take action with enlightenment and confidence.

Exploring the Aftermarket

Babcox Research also regularly produces profiles of the readers and the aftermarket automotive industries we serve – the automotive service, distribution, collision, tire, truck fleet, engine building, performance and import segments. These in-depth profiles provide industry snapshots and are also summarized in our print properties by Babcox’s expert editors. Full copies of these insightful reports are available for sale from Babcox sales representatives:

  • Automotive Engine Rebuilders Survey 2009
  • Automotive Parts Store Survey 2009
  • Analysis of the U.S. Collision Market 2009
  • Brake Repair Industry Profile 2008
  • Import Repair Specialist Survey 2008
  • Professional Auto Repair Technician Survey 2009
  • Tire Brand Study 2009
  • Tire Dealer Profile 2009
  •  Underhood Repair Industry Profile 2008

Focus Groups

Focus Groups: Taking the Pulse of Your Buyers

Babcox Research can arrange a focus group for you anywhere in the country to put your finger directly on the market’s pulse. We’ll make it easy for you by selecting the facilities, recommending excellent group moderators and delivering buyers in your market to provide the feedback you need.

With access to hundreds of thousands of qualified buyers in automotive service, distribution, collision, tire, truck fleet, engine building, performance and import segments, we can select your focus group by a wide array of criteria, we can ensure you’ll get valuable information from real-life users of your products and services, or those who would potentially use them.

Babcox-facilitated focus groups can provide you with in-depth, qualitative data on market perceptions or concepts on which your business needs a firm grasp. Test the waters for a new product, find out how strong your brand image is, or discover how you measure up to the competition in the eyes of your customers.

Let Babcox Research arrange your next focus group and take advantage of the real-life, in-depth opinions provided by the buyers you ultimately wish to reach. The rich data you’ll collect will help you move forward feeling informed and confident in your decisions. www.babcox.com